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Know Thyself

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"Know Thyself"  by Na'im Akbar

This is a must read! Many African-American educators are interested in meeting the educational needs of African-American children within the established education system. Dr. Akbar guides educators by creating a working knowledge from which to start. It's difficult to destroy the current system, therefore, our objective as educators is to show African-American students the connections between our past and their present. Through such a methodology, the race problem attributed by miseducating blacks will lessen.

As a teacher of middle school students, I frquently observe that African-American students lack a working knowledge of their history beyond the figures of Dr. Martin L. King, Malcolm X and other popularized black figures. There are others that paved the way, such as Aesop, Hannibal, Cleopatra, Zenobi, and Askia the Great that our students need to know. For it is through the accomplishments of the above and others that will too pave the way for them.