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Raised Up By Mrs. Manly & Her L's

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Raised Up By Mrs. Manly & Her L's by Sandra Evers- Manly


$ 21.95


A non-fiction, inspirational title where the author draws on the rich exchange between a Mother and her children and the examples of love and life she used as a foundation to raise them.

Mrs. Doris Manly raised her children by one letter – the letter "L." Not only did she teach her children using words that began with the letter “L,” but she shared that same practice with everyone she touched throughout her life; the importance of lifting others up and not tearing them down, being a leader, living life to the fullest, leaving a legacy and most importantly, finding time to laugh.

A great book to add to the current literary collection. Mrs. Manly’s L’s is a simple telling of well worn, proven and timeless examples of family, Motherly impact, self-confidence and a guide to daily living and caring for your fellow man. It shines a light on long-lost traditions of basic kindness, community building and love.