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The Golden Ages of Africa

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The Golden Ages of Africa by John G. Jackson

It is commonly assumed that there has never been a Black culture, and this conjecture has served white supremacists well. But in this succinct essay, Professor John G. Jackson demonstrates that assumption is absurd. He outlines the achievements of the various Black cultures, including the Egyptian so often reported as white. In his words, “The advocates of Aryan and Semitic priority in ancient history have failed to sustain their case."

"One day when (Professor George A.) Reisner told his class that the ancient Egyptians were white people, (future Professor William Leo) Hansberry questioned the validity of that opinion. He mentioned the fact that the Greek historian, Herodotus, visited Egypt in the fifth century B.C. and described the people of that nation as being black skinned and curly haired. Of course the professor retorted by saying that he did not consider Herodotus to be an authority on that question. The student refused to be intimidated and reasonably replied that Herodotus was an eyewitness, and Reisner, thousands of years later, was not." "The racists argue that Europe gave