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What Color Was Jesus?

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What Color Was Jesus? by William Mosley 




Shatters the myth of a blond-haired, blue-eyed Jesus and examines the psychological effect of the white image of Christ.


The Black Madonna and Jesus were worshiped in all parts of Europe until the Atlantic Slave Trade, Christianity(White Jesus) was sown into America to justify slavery,racism, exploration, inferiority, prejudices, and White supremacy. The Black Messiah is worshiped still in areas of the world, as well as, in secret by the Roman Catholics(John Paul, the Pope in 2005 shows a pic of him worshiping the Black Madonna and the Messiah. Google it). Europe has actual paintings of the Black Messiah and Mary stored secretly in repositories and basements because they worship in secret and know that the White Jesus won't give them blessings. Those that don't believe that the Messiah is Black, when Adam was made from dirt on the ground, what color is dirt? Another scientific fact is that the Mitochondria DNA of the black woman, is the only gene that can create other races. Research it(EVE GENE), anyway, I have NEVER in my life seen white dirt when God made Adam. Common sense isn't so common I see. does matter what color Jesus was because IF it didn't you would be worshiping the BLACK one instead of a false WHITE Cesare Borgia! Read your BLACK